Visual impact of overhead energy networks

Elena Paroucheva – Environmental Artist
Born in Bulgaria, located in France, operating worldwide.

Artist – Art and Environment
Professor of Visual Arts
Speaker – Integrating: overhead networks and landscape, sustainable development.

Power grid integration

Elena Paroucheva – concept

In my artworks I search a connection between art, environment and energy, I try to give another look at the visual aspect of our environment and I would like to give an artistic touch to our industrial heritage.

Main idea is to transform the energy network supports into works of art, symbolically maintaining the basic module and incorporating it in carrying out “sculptures – electric pylons,” sculptures – antennas, “sculptures – gateways” …

I want to highlight rather than conceal them, after all these are “dolmens” of our time.

My artworks involve the support of networks:

– Low, medium and high voltage power lines

– Renewable energy windmills

– Antennas – relaying mobile

– Lighting – highways, stadiums, public spaces, etc.

– Oil towers

– Urban furniture

Her are of two kinds:

Art Installations: This solution treats the transformation of existing building in the environment. They are investigated according to reception area and allow the modification of the visual aspect of the infrastructure into artistic works.

Sculptures: This way explores new forms for pylons to be implanted in the landscape, urban and rural areas.  Sculptures use “symbolically” the same modules of metallic construction for the realization of « pylons – sculptures », « antennas – sculptures », « wind energy – sculptures » and “lighting – sculptures”.

Website: http://www.art-elena.com


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