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From Industrial Patrimony to Cultural Legacy,

“From Industrial Patrimony to Cultural Legacy” Exhibition Elena Paroucheva CIGRE biennal August 26 to 31, 2018 Palais des Congrès, Paris This event is labelled under the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage and will take place in the framework of the CIGRE biennial in Paris. It will then be held in Plovdiv, the 2019 European … Continue reading

From industrial patrimony to cultural legacy

From industrial patrimony to cultural legacy Exhibition in the context of CIGRE Biennial 2018 in Paris Event labeled “Europe for culture” The exhibition “From Industrial Heritage to Cultural Legacy” presents the works of Elena Paroucheva, a Bulgarian environmental artist. The artist is invited by CIGRE (International Council of Large Electric Networks) in Paris, but also … Continue reading

Electric art – Landscape towers for electricity pylons, telecom towers and wind masts by Elena Paroucheva

In 2004 following 3 years of development and research, the environmental artist Elena Paroucheva inaugurated a unique artwork: “Source” – four pylons of a high voltage power line … Source: Electric art – Landscape towers for electricity pylons, telecom towers and wind masts by Elena Paroucheva


JOURNÉES EUROPÉENNES DU PATRIMOINE  19-20 SEPTEMBRE 2015 Le thème de 2015 est “Le patrimoine du XXIᵉ siècle, une histoire d’avenir” Ici le patrimoine industriel, transformé en patrimoine culturel par l’artiste Elena Paroucheva installation ” Haute couture – Haute tension” Elena cherche une liaison entre l’art, l’énergie et l’environnement. Elle transforme des pylônes électriques, éoliennes, antennes, … Continue reading

Innovative design and spa destination: Amneville les Thermes

Innovative design and spa destination: Amneville les Thermes.

“Art and Territory” March 8, 2012

Organizer: IHEDATE – Institute of the high studies to development of the European territories. Exhibition:  Elena Paroucheva “The esthetics of the overhead energy grides” Discusses: “ Art, Nature and Territory” Within the framework d’ a new meeting: the cross glance artists, experts and elected officials, French and Europeans around their vision of the world, of our cities, … Continue reading

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