Landscape Wind Towers
Environmental impact of new grid concepts

Wind energy towers, landscape design for Paris: Elena Paroucheva

Wind turbines and landscape

  1. Visual impact of overhead energy grids

Our landscapes are saturated with facilities much needed and useful, but not always aesthetic. We talk about “sustainable development”, “visual impact of wind turbines, towers, antennas … in the nature,” “Landscape Integration and Harmonization,” “renewable energy andlandscape” … How many conventions, conferences, events address this issue, how many architects are studying the problem, how much money spent, how many written words?
And in reality?

In fact we have all over our land the same transmission towers for 50 years, with few exceptions of beautiful creations. With the arrival of the mobile landscape on our right had the antenna-relay operators. And now we’re talking about renewable energy, we set the same highpropeller turbines everywhere.

As an environmental artist, I come to propose a new solution foroverhead allowing us to live in a more pleasant environment and bringart to all covered.

  1. New forms of media for wind turbines:  Sculptures – Aeolian

For an innovative aesthetic and environmental impact, I propose a radical solution: instead of a large propeller on a pole, were sculptures that are small wind turbines. This allows you to personalize, humanize the landscape.

Wind turbines, like all air network need to be high to work. My approach is to treat the support of wind turbines. These new sculptures – wind towers are: ladies, birds, flowers, people, animals and abstract forms that will be installed alone or in groups in a natural landscape or an urban or rural.

It will be difficult to locate a wind turbine in the city, in a public space. But why not a sculpture – wind mast, it will be the symbol of human progress. And since it will be in operation, it can bring the energy of an entire neighborhood.

The wind sculptures were inspired by the construction of the pylons module lattice. This is part of an artistic concept that keeps the module as a symbol of our time. This module construction allows the creation of new forms, its production is possible by any metal construction company. After modeling, each sculpture will wind the assurance of a stable mechanism that allows the installation of one or more wind turbines in the horizontal or vertical axis. This solution transforms the visual impact of wind farms, in addition it allows a reduction in pollution from wind turbines on a large propeller.

Exemples :

  1. Natural Areas:  In the fields, in the mountains, the sea, along the highways … The sculptures are located only wind or wind farm. Many small turbines attached to the height of the sculptures allow a power consumption as important as a large propeller. Sculpture - Wind Turbine Project.grid integration

Elena Paroucheva : sculptures – wind towers

Wind turbines support  Wind power grid integration

Urban areas:

Small wind turbines: Public Spaces, parks, subway stations, on the roofs of buildings …

Alternative solution for lanscape towers  Pylon multisupport: power, wind, telecom tower.

New generation pylons

Landscape towers

Materials:  The structure of my sculptures is bolted and welded steel. They are galvanized and painted. Through modeling, the structure iswithin safety standards. It is resistant to all mechanical, climatic, takenthe wind …Turbines: Wind turbines are mounted on the height of the sculptures. The choice of turbines is determined in harmony with the landscape andsculpture. Turbines can be used in existing vertical or horizontal axis.

Life:  A sculpture – wind turbine permanent work.
Visuals:  The visuals in this project are drawings and photos of my sculptures in welded copper wire, size of 70cm in height. The insertion of the sculptures in the landscape is a photomontage.The shapes of the works in the visual and the implementation scenarios are indicative. They will be determined in a comprehensive study under the environmental aspect, historical and social receiving environment.

Prices, aids:
Contrary to what one may think, sculpture – wind turbines can be less expensive than existing wind towers. In addition to the advantages and aids dedicated to the installation of wind turbines, the reductions are in addition to the sponsorship related to buying a work of art ..
Companies, individuals, local communities can benefit from a tax credit of 50% of the duty of a wind turbine and 5.5% VAT.

Elena Paroucheva – Environmental artist

Webites : http://www.art-elena.com/ et http://www.electric-art.eu/


One thought on “Landscape Wind Towers

  1. Very nice. It’s cool to see what we covet everyday being beautified.

    Posted by dorene | May 22, 2016, 4:54 am

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