Power networks into artworks

“source” a monumental artwork

The artwork “Source” is unique because of its concept and its dimensions.
It is a monumental art installation on a High Voltage 225 000 volts of transmission line “Amnéville – Montois” France. Four high-tension towers and 1.5 kilometers of the line are transformed into works of art.

Innovated pylons

The artwork:

Sizes: 34 meters heigh, 1255 meters long, 28 meters wide.
Weight: 28 tons.
Technical medium: Stay cables and tubes of stainless steel over four high-voltage pylons on the  line carrying electricity 225 000 voltes.

Materials used: 3 284m of steel cable,  2 708m of stays, 525m of  plastic canvas, 576m of stainless steel tubes, 384 fixations, 40 lighting projectors  controlled by satellite.
Pylon No. 10, “Source – light” – height 28m.

Pylon No. 11, “Source – water – height 28m.

Pylon No. 12, “Source – energy – height 34m.

Pylon No. 13, “Source – flame” – height 34m.
Tourist and Spa Center – Amnéville les Thermes ( French Region of Lorraine). Site visited by around 5 million tourists a year.
Esplanade site

57 360 Amnéville les Thermes

Tourist Office of Amnéville, France: Phone: +33 3 87 70 10 40
Inaugurated: 17th February, 2004.

Artist: Elena Paroucheva
Sponsor and management: RTE, France.


pylon sculpture

power lanscapes

Environment impact of high-voltage overhead transmission lines.


• Since 2006, the monumental work “Source” has been included in “The European archives of urban public space.”
• It is recognized by the Ministry of Culture as an important monument and since 2008 it has been open to the public during the “European Heritage Days”.
• Guided tours are organized by the Tourist Office of Amneville in order to present the artwork “Source” to the visitors.

• In 2009, the artwork “Source” is laureate of the Competition

« Science and Technology in European Art » , organized by SUPELEC  within the framework of the French Presidency of the European Union.

• The work is presented in many exhibitions, congresses, conferences in France and abroad.
• “Source” has been edited: books, calendars, postcards. It has been cited by many articles in the regional, national and international press as well as other media (TV, radio, internet …)

Website: http://electric-art.eu


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